Thread Guides For Textile Machinery - Thread Guides For Spinning, Texturising, Winding, Twisting

Published: 01st March 2011
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The thread guide can be defined as the device that directs the flow of thread in a single direction and helps to prevent common problems with threads and yarns like tangling, breakage and pileups. Thread guides used in various industrial applications generally include thread guides for spinning, texturising, winding, twisting and weaving purposes.

The thread guides used in textile industries are usually the ceramic thread guides or yarn guides made of materials like alumina, zirconia, titania and tungsten carbide. These ceramic thread guide products are specifically corrosion resistant, erosion resistant, wear and tear resistant, heat resistant and have very high efficiency. They are generally used to change direction, turn, twist, to control tension and to maintain equilibrium of the textile yarns and threads in the industries. Depending on the shape and use of guides, some common varieties of thread guides for textile industries generally available in the market are traverse thread guides, trap guides, roller guides, wire bow guides, c shape guides, UV flat guides, UV eye type guides, eyelet guides, cut eyelet guides, eyelet grooved guides, hook guides, grooved ring guides, pig tail guides, dumbbell guides, tube shape guides, sleeve guides and many more.

The thread guides manufacturers in the industry are now manufacturing thread guides by machine types to meet the thread guide needs in industries as per machine requirements. These include customized thread guides designed for different industrial machinery like guides for spinning machinery, thread guides for Rieter textile machinery like Rieter open end spinning guides, thread guides for TFO machines, guides for texturising machinery like barmag texturising guides, muratec texturising machine guides, Reiter Scragg texturising machine guides and guides for winding machinery like DRT cheese winding guides or guides for cheese winding DRT machine and electronic yarn cleaner guides etc. However thread guides for twisting machinery are also available in the market for thread or yarn twisting purposes.

One can find comprehensive range of companies offering all these varieties of thread guides but quality they offer differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. So it is always recommendable that you select a manufacture who can provide the best quality thread guides for maximum performance.

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